21 March 2021

Fujiyoshi Karin's Father: ”Oh, my incredible daughter, thank you!”

Fujiyoshi Karin's father appears to be owner/operator of a shabushabu restaurant in downtown Osaka. I discovered an old web page showing posts from the shop's Instagram where he talks about Karin becoming an idol. 

A nice display of plastic food in the window of the restaurant.

The first post was a two-shot of him with his daughter when she was very little. But the photo was no longer there. He goes on:

Time passed, and 16 years later, my daughter came to me and said, with a straight face:
“I want to be Sailor Moon…”

On a midsummer day half a year later: “There’s an idol audition in Tokyo. Come with me.”

“So this is how she’s trying to make Sailor Moon a reality,” I thought as we took the overnight bus to Tokyo. Just before Bon, under a broiling sun, with only the sparrows as companions, I waited for my daughter’s audition to end.

Not long afterward, I learned that my daughter would soon be introduced at Budoukan.

Up to just a few months ago, she was a girl singing in the bath, with no thought of any audience… We never know what can happen in this world.

My child used to make me listen to things that were nothing but dreams and romanticism, but this year I made a big mistake in that way myself, and everyone was criticizing me for it.

Then, as the year ended, this happened, and I began to come alive again.

Oh, my incredible daughter, thank you (smile).

Without dreams and romanticism, we cannot endure through this evanescent life.

But don’t be swept away in the world of appearances.

I guess I really am a guy whom time has passed by

Even when such a daughter is performing, Father will keep the shop open


Another post: 

So my daughter seems to have gotten through safely, without messing up (smile) 🤞

From now on, I look forward to seeing how people take to her sensitivity, and to Karin World (smile smile).

She will certainly not be an idol idol, but I hope you will treat her well 😊


Oh yes, ours is a warm personal-pot shabushabu restaurant.


This seems quite real to me. He's like a warm, friendly restaurant owner who loves his family. And he sees his elder daughter's peculiar personality. "Karin World" (夏鈴ワールド) lol.

 The way I read this, he may have tried to expand his restaurant or make some other ambitious decision, and it didn't work out. But his daughter's ambitious decision did work out, and it helped him recover his enthusiasm -- of which I suspect he has quite a bit in reserve. Her inability to say no to a family trip to the seaside -- which she dislikes -- becomes even more understandable as I get some idea of her father's seemingly irrepressible personality.

These two posts are from around the time Karin was being chosen and introduced, in late fall 2019. I don't see many about her more recently, although I haven't read the text of all of them.

In Japanese that word "romanticism" (roman) implies a sense of adventure more than romantic love. 

The recent decision to put the SokoSaku TV show on the Internet, so everyone in Japan can see it when it airs, may affect people in Osaka. I believe I remember the hosts saying that members' parents outside the Tokyo area sometimes wondered what their daughters were doing in Tokyo, since they didn't see the show.

Japanese text for reference: 

1. "17年前の娘とのツーショット . 時が経ち16歳の娘が真顔で言った . 「セーラームーン」になりたいと… . . それから半年後の真夏のある日「東京でアイドルのオーディションあるからついてきて」 . 彼女なりにセーラームーンを現実化したらそうなったんやろか…とか思いながら彼女と深夜バスで東京に行き、父は盆前の炎天下の中6時間、スズメとお友達になりながら娘のオーディション終わりを待ったさ . それからあっという間、明日娘は武道館でお披露目をするらしい . . ほんの数ヶ月前まで風呂場で人目を気にすることなく歌を歌っていた子が、、この世の中何がおこるかわからない . . 夢やロマンばかり子供に言い聞かせてきたが僕自身それが原因で今年は大きな失敗もし、まわりから散々叩かれもした。 . でも年の終わりにこんなことがあり、また僕は動き出す . 奇想天外な娘よ、ありがとう(笑) . 夢やロマンをもたないと儚い人生というものに一本の筋は通らない . . 飾った世界に流されるのではないのだよー . やっぱり時代遅れの男やな♪ てなわけで父はそんな娘の公演でも店は開けまーす. 

2. んで娘、無事しでかす事なくやったそうです笑 . . これから彼女の感性、夏鈴ワールドが受け入れられるか楽しみであります笑笑 決してアイドルアイドルしておりませんがよろしくお願いします . . あっ、うちはあったかひとり鍋しゃぶしゃぶ専門店でございます . .


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