26 January 2018

Kakizaki Memi blog: Memi and Manafi. Pics.


Kakizaki Memi

Hello, everyone (・∀・)ノ
It's Kakizaki Memi

Sorry for not updating the blog recently (T_T)
I just wasn't able to write...

Our Budoukan performances are coming up soon

Every day is a lessons day!
We're doing our best to be able to make something good!

I'm always with Manafi.
Fii-Fii ーー

I'm sticking to Fii-san

Meow, Meow ーー


There's a way in which today's blog is different than usual!
Can you tell?

Manafi wrote it for me!
Manafi's beside me now, too.



Kakizaki Memi _______________________________________________________________________ 
posted 2018.01.27 01:46h 

I think Manafi did everything up to the question about what's different. What I noticed was a slightly different first line. It was also unusual for Memi to use the verb "sticking to" (kuttsuku くっ付く) That's the word members use when they're complaining that Memi physically gloms onto them. Which she does and they do.

She's not publishing much to Keyaki Message, either -- although more than to the blog. Serious business, performing at Budoukan. Does the fact that Memi is busier than others mean she has more to do, or that it's taking her longer to learn it? Or just that she finds writing harder? Memi's dancing is pretty sharp in the Hiragana version of the AKB48 Show. And we are beginning to hear her sing (there, on KeyaKake, and briefly in her and Manafi's pre-Christmas Showroom).


As usual, blog photos were posted flipped, making them the reverse of reality. I've flipped them back again, also as usual. Memi parts her bangs on the right and has a mole just under her left eye.

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