23 September 2016

Kageyama Yuuka (Hiragana Keyaki) on crutches

Kageyama Yuuka went to the handshake event on Thursday on crutches, and greeted handshake guests sitting down. She says she pulled a muscle in her leg at school last week:

She says the leg is healing, and she feels fine, and apologizes to fans and other members for causing them worry. She delayed telling us about it, but finally felt she had to. She is eager to get back to "lessons and practice" with Hiragana Keyaki.

She was paired up with Ushio Sarina and Higashimura Mei for the handshake event:

I fancy I can see a strained expression on her face. And she seems to be supporting herself on Sarina's shoulder.

Here she is in happier times, in a Sanfrecce Hiroshima shirt (with her name on the back). Sanfrecce is her favorite J-League pro football (i.e., soccer) team:

And here she is before and during a Japanese international match she and her family attended last month:

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